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Mucho Más Que Fútbol 2017/2018

Hi everybody. How are you?

Today I come to announce the new season of one of the most important proyect for me, “Mucho Más Qué Fútbol”(Much More Than Football in english).

“Mucho Más Qué Fútbol”, is a social proyect that started in 2009 for interns in penitentiary centers, the goal is to strengthen values through football. Nowadays we develop it in the Centro de Menores Teresa de Calcuta in Madrid with the Ginso support. And it is also carried out in two centers in Almeria and in Cádiz by Ginso too.

How football help us? Football transmits values like sacrifice, surrender, overcoming, teamwork, fellowship, solidarity, effort… we deal with minors whithout freedom that find in football an escape for disconnect an grow. We try to lead important personalities that motivate and make them have a good time. Some of the visits have been: Vicente del Bosque, Sergio Ramos, Canco, David Civera, Maxi Iglesias…

We are so proud for their delivery, we don’t search the best players technically but the most strives, those who show day by day the maximum effort and this year we got a great surprise, we received a lot of demand and to create the team it was a difficult process. Do you want to know more about the final decission or about this proyect?

¡Visit the web! www.muchomasquefutbol.com/

Or see the YouTube channel explanation (in spanish).

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