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Carnival and Nougat

It could only happen in Cadiz. Carnival is present all year in Cadiz, a city able to laugh even in the worst moments, but if there are more than reasons on top of that…
It is unthinkable this can happen in a club like Real Madrid, but after the famous De Gea´s fax, just is not so surprising. In short, this is Carnival!

Messi, Neymar and Cristiano are the candidates for the Golden Ball, but this year, except for an occasional “redneck” commentator, almost contractually obligated, no one will discuss who will be the winner. Messi and Neymar start to be very close, but Ney has not yet overcome the Argentine and Cristiano this year … and Adidas vs Nike, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, ​​Messi vs Cristiano … Bussines is business! It Is known although Carnival had one prologue last Wednesday in the Ramon de Carranza stadium, we are really in the Christmas period. Time of reunion, good wishes and nougat. Football, coaches and nougat historically have a very special relationship. Nuno is the last one who won´t eat it this year.. The match against Sevilla staged the true sport disaster is going on in one of the biggest clubs in our country. A sports disaster, which is the tip of an iceberg where institutional problems, new owners saviors, friends of the rescuers, the rush and lack of planning, not yet seen, constitute the most important part of the iceberg.
But as Freddi Mercury states, the show must go on, football brings us this weekend new attractive games. There are derbies that are not “derbies”, at least they are not given that range, but given the circumstances, Real Madrid vs. Getafe seem to be a very interesting one this Saturday at the Bernabeu. I do not know what we are going to listen to, if Christmas or carnival sounds.
Gary Neville will sit on Valencia´s bench, and paraphrasing José Mota, Not today, tomorrow! And he will see the match against Barcelona at Mestalla from the stands …
Andalusians and Galicians cross each others this weekend. Unay Emery, after the league victory against Valencia and his first winning out, although in Cup and against a third division, travels excited to face Depor, which will test the project of Nervion. Good for Sevilla is that Llorente and Immobile begin to produce and fit into the system. Betis receives Celta. Villamarin is an unfinished business, but after the victory against Sporting in the Spanish Cup, the team faces this difficult compromise with guarantees. What joy seeing Vadillo scoring on Wednesday!
Granada and Malaga have two very complicated compromises. Nazari side receives Atletico de Madrid, the classification forces them to go for the match. Malaga lives a troubled situation, we could almost say that is similar to Valencia iceberg. They play in San Mamés against one of the teams in best fitness in competition. In advance they are not the favourite team…but we never know.
Football like real life, always surprises us.


  • Fernando

    Mi Querido Antonio tienes razón en lo que comentas, no entiendo la pifia del Madrid, y creo que este año va a sufrir un gran varapalo! En todos los sentidos, como bien comentas empezó por De Gea y ahora estamos con la posible eliminación de la Copa del Rey , creo que O Benítez o Florentino no finaliza este curso presente en el Madrid. Un Saludo

  • Ruben Manuel Renderos

    El Real Madrid fallo en no firmar al Aleman Jurgen Klopp del Borussia Dortmound. Pudieran hacerse de los servicios de Marcos Reuss. Que lastima las noticias de un club tan grande!!!

    Real Madrid tiene que hacer ajustes con urgencia. Un pequeño error les costara millones de euros…

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